Dr. Daniel Devlin

                      Dr. Daniel Devlin

Working together on your dental health

Very few people like going to the dentist. Why? Not just because of fear, discomfort or even pain, but because all too often they're simply presented with a list of dental needs, and often that list can be expensive. They may or may not receive a full explanation of the risks and benefits of the recommended work, or the consequences of not having the work done at all.

Our approach is different: just as you and your doctor work together to heal or maintain your health, you and your dentist should work together on your dental health.

We believe you, as a patient, should be treated with dignity and respect: respect for your time, respect for your comfort, and, most of all, respect for your ability to make your own healthcare decisions.


Following your road map to health

Your first visit to the practice is centered around evaluation and education, not a drill. After a comprehensive examination, we'll put together a plan to solve whatever existing dental problems you may have and eliminate or minimize problems in the future. When decisions need to be made, you'll get all the information you need to make the decision for yourself. It's your health, and we believe you should have the final say about what happens.

Then, we'll all work together to do what needs to be done. It might be nothing more than routine cleanings and check-ups, urgent or necessary dental work, or even cosmetic dentistry. Whatever your needs, we'll agree on what needs to be done, and then put that dental plan into action in a gentle, caring manner.

The technology of dentistry

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We believe that you should be able to trust us for the highest level of care. To that end, Dr. Devlin and his staff constantly attend seminars, classes, study groups and workshops about new advances, new techniques and new materials in all types of dentistry: restorative (restoring damaged teeth), prosthetic (replacing damaged or missing teeth), esthetic (enhancing the appearance of teeth) and periodontic (care for bone and gum tissues).

What are the pros and cons of different materials or techniques to solve a particular problem? What are the financial trade-offs? What is an immediate need, and what can wait without causing problems? You should always have the answers to your questions - even questions you don't think to ask - before you make your decision. We'll see that you get those answers.


Making the time for you


Your time is just as valuable as ours. To preserve yours, we don't double-book, so you don't have to wait (except in emergency situations) while your dentist is working with someone else. We don't rush you when you're looking for explanations or answers. If you need help with insurance paperwork, to make sure you get the maximum benefit to which you're entitled, we'll do our best for you.

What, as a dental team, do we need to do to help you get healthy and keep you that way? That's the question we're always trying to answer. For both of us.